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Günaydın Meatball & Döner; the Kebab and the Butcher & Steakhouse are 3 different concepts that convene meat lovers.

Günaydın Steakhouse, as the pioneer of the steakhouse concept in Turkey, has flavours that leave a lasting effect on the palate and its impressive presentation and mainly wooden specialized decor all put the comfort of the guest first, which naturally draws much interest.

Günaydın Steakhouse, after having left its carefully selected quality meats in the ‘dry- aged’ cupboards to rest for a time, serves its guests with the very best cooking techniques and provides one hundred percent natural flavours at any time of day.

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The rich cuisine of Anatolia is provided using traditional methods maintained for over 35 years and with its unique presentation, a kebab experience is served which goes far beyond the expectations of its guests.

Along with its enormous menu, Günaydın Kebap Restaurants provide their services in Istanbul, Ankara and Baku.


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“Günaydın, whose slogan is “Meat Is Our Speciality” and for 3 generations has upheld the principle of providing guests with the highest of quality and reliability, convenes meat lovers with its Meatball & Döner concept. It is now possible to encounter the meatballs prepared with special herbs and the amazing döner cut into thin sheets in many locations.

Günaydın Meatball & Döner, mainly located in shopping centres, continues to provide its services in more than 20 branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum and Bakü.

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